Freelancer takes a loan for an apartment

Loans for people receiving income from civil law contracts are the most available, and clients are not treated less favorably than those working on employment contracts. However, they must remember that the bank will not always take into account the ability to calculate the entire income affecting the account and that each bank has its own algorithm for calculating income from civil law contracts.

Before choosing a property, it’s a good idea to meet with an independent real estate advisor to be sure what income and amount will be accepted. What will the bank pay special attention to?

Valid duration of the contract


Increasingly, banks, when analyzing documents submitted with a loan application, come across commission contracts, specific work contracts or managerial contracts. Due to the high popularity of various forms of employment, banks have adapted their credit policies to market conditions and accept this type of income.

However, they do so under several conditions. – Most banks require the contract to last for at least six months and be valid as of the day of submitting the application, and ideally, it should also be valid for the next few months, says Tomasz Przyrowski, director of credit analysts at Good Finance.

Some banks approach the matter more preventively and require the contract to last for at least 12 months, and it would be even better if the client applying for the loan could document that he has already settled PIT with income from such a contract once.

Banks allow the combination of income from civil law contracts from several sources so that people working as freelancers working with several entities can add income, which increases creditworthiness.

While cooperation with several entities

While cooperation with several entities

In the case of a freelancer, can have a positive impact on our creditworthiness, it is important for the bank to continue the contract with one employer. – Change of principals within e.g. one capital group is something completely natural for banks, but the execution of small orders for many different entities, periods without inflows to the account, or interruptions in the execution of orders can cause a number of doubts for a credit analyst.

Regularity is also important. According to Good Finance analysts, a freelancer who is bound by numerous contracts with a certain group of clients will gain more confidence than working on irregular projects.

However, even in such cases, everything is a matter of proper description with an explanation of, among other industry specifics. The bank must be sure that the income is stable and regular.

Note the tax-deductible costs

Note the tax-deductible costs

However, when ordering contracts, be aware of the increased tax-deductible costs. – If we can use them, the bank will definitely take this into account when calculating the net income and reduce it as if these costs were actually incurred.

The case looks similar in contracts for specific work, and especially if it is a contract for specific work with copyrights, where the costs are 50% of income. In view of the above, some banks reduce the client’s income affecting the account by up to half.

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